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Blood Honey

Blood Honey
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Released: September 1, 2017
Director: Jeff Kopas
Studio: Northern Banner Releasing
Cast: Shenae Grimes, Gil Bellows, Kenneth Mitchell, Don McKellar, Morgan Kelly, Scott McCord, Rosemary Dunsmore, Michael Hanrahan, Ava Preston
Genre: Thriller
Length: 95 minutes

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Blood Honey Overview

Following her mother's mysterious suicide 10 years earlier, Jenibel Heath (Shenae Grimes-Beech) returns to her family's secluded island, where they run a beekeeping business. The reason for her return is to help her siblings care for their dying father (Gil Bellows).

Jenibel's brother Marvin (Kenneth Mitchell), who has always lived on the island, is angry when he discovers it's Jenibel who will inherit the bulk of the family estate. Jenibel learns of a horrific plot against her and struggles to discover who exactly she can trust.

  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Pointe au Baril, Ontario. The director and cast are Canadian.  


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