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Score: 10 / 10
Released: May 12, 2017
Director: Ricardo de Montreuil
Producer: Brian Grazer, Jason Blum
Studio: BH Tilt
Cast: Demian Bichir, Gabriel Chavarria, Theo Rossi, Melissa Benoist, Tony Revolori, Eva Longoria
Genre: Drama
Length: 99 minutes

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Lowriders Overview

The story of teenage graffiti artist Danny Alvarez (Gabriel Chavarria), who is immersed into the classic Mexican-American tradition of lowriders. His father Miguel (Demian Bichir) is a garage owner who hopes his sons will follow in his footsteps. Danny’s brother (Theo Rossi) is fresh out of prison and in the midst of a long feud with their father. An annual lowrider event forces Danny to chose between family.


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