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Released: April 20, 2018
Director: Brett Rapkin
Producer: Brett Rapkin, Stephen Nemeth
Studio: IndieCan Entertainment
Cast: Josh Duhamel, W. Earl Brown, Ernie Hudson, Winter Ave Zoli, Carlos Leal, Sterling K. Brown
Genre: Comedy
Length: 90 minutes

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Spaceman Overview

The story of former Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee (Josh Duhamel), known for his antics on and off the field and his efforts to defy every manager or front office executive who tried to control him.

He was beloved by fans and sportswriters alike for his philosophical and unusual responses to questions about baseball. He played for teams such as the Boston Red Sox and the Montreal Expos. This comedy follows his release by the Expos after he staged a one-game walkout in protest when they released his friend, second baseman Rodney Scott.


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