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The Quietude

The Quietude
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Released: April 26, 2019
Director: Pablo Trapero
Producer: Axel Kuschevatzky, Pablo Trapero
Studio: MK2 | Mile End
Cast: Martina Gusman, Bérénice Bejo, Edgar Ramirez, Joaquin Furriel, Graciela Borges, Isidoro Tolcachir
Length: 111 minutes

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The Quietude Overview

Retired Argentinean lawyer Augusto suffers a stroke and hovers between life and death. His daughter Eugenia returns home from Paris to the family ranch outside Buenos Aires. Despite the fact that Augusto is on life support in his bedroom, Eugenia has a happy reunion with her sister Mia and their mother Esmeralda, especially when Eugenia reveals that she’s expecting her first child. However, things soon fall apart as the mother and daughters quarrel, and it becomes clear that the family dynamic is extremely dysfunctional.


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