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The Scent of Rain & Lightning

The Scent of Rain & Lightning
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Released: April 20, 2018
Director: Blake Robbins
Studio: IndieCan Entertainment
Cast: Maika Monroe, Will Patton, Maggie Grace, Brad Carter, Logan Miller, Bonnie Bedelia, Mark Webber, Justin Chatwin, Aaron Poole
Genre: Drama
Length: 100 minutes

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The Scent of Rain & Lightning Overview

Based on the bestselling novel, THE SCENT OF RAIN & LIGHTNING tells the story of Jody Linder (Maika Monroe), a Midwestern twenty-something whose past resurfaces when the man convicted of killing her parents has his sentence pardoned. Jody begins to question the facts behind her parents' deaths and gradually faces the possibility that the wrong man was convicted of the crime. The further Jody delves into the past, the more and more startling truths begin to emerge about her family's tragic past, and Jody must put the pieces together to reveal the truth.


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