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Director: Sebastián Silva
Producer: Gigi Graff
Studio: Mongrel Media
Cast: Jason Mitchell, Christopher Abbott, Michael Cera, Caleb Landry Jones, Ann Dowd
Genre: Drama
Length: 86 minutes

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Tyrel Overview

Tyler (Jason Mitchell) joins a friend on a trip to the Catskills for a weekend birthday party with several guys he doesn't know. As soon as they get there, it becomes clear to him that he's the only black man, and it's going to be a weekend of heavy drinking.

As the only outsider at a party of close friends, Tyler quickly feels uncomfortable. To add to his unease, the other guys mishear his name and call him Tyrel, in addition to a number of somewhat inappropriate comments.

Tyler tries to get away from it by spending time with the resident dog, by pretending to fall asleep early and by staring at his phone. Unfortunately, Tyler can't get phone service in the remote location. When the excessive drinking leads to violence, Tyler has to escape for real.


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