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All Saints

All Saints
Score: 9.2 / 10
Released: August 25, 2017
Director: Steve Gomer
Producer: Barrett J. Leigh, Jimmy Sprague
Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Cast: Barry Corbin, Cara Buono, John Corbett
Genre: Drama
Length: 108 minutes

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All Saints Overview

Inspired by the true story of Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), All Saints chronicles the plight of a pastor who after being ordered to close his small church, decides to team up with incoming refugees from Southeast Asia who fled their country as farmers.

With their skills as farmers and hopes for prosperity in America, John and the refugees decide to farm a small plot of land next to the church in order to pay the bills and feed its congregation. But Michael is at odds with his superiors who still want him to close the church and sell the land. It is then that he learns that bringing faith and hope to his community is his true mission.


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