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Director: Aneesh Chaganty
Producer: Natalie Qasabian, Sev Ohanian
Studio: Lionsgate
Cast: Sarah Paulson, Kiera Allen
Genre: Thriller
Length: minutes

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Run Overview

Chloe (Kiera Allen), a teenager who is confined to a wheelchair, is home schooled by her mother, Diane (Sarah Paulson).

However, her mother's strange behavior doesn't go unnoticed and when Chloe pries into some private papers, she discovers a Change of Name Certificate document with her mother's name, Diane Sherman, on it. When Chloe googles "Diane Sherman," the internet suddenly disconnnects.

Chloe becomes suspicious of all that her mother does, suspecting her of something sinister. She decides to go on the run in her wheelchair in a desperate attempt to get away from her.


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